Junior High School is a pivotal and transitional time for many teens. It is a time when sports become more competitive and provide less opportunity for the average child to be involved in physical activity. It is also the time when teens are given more freedom to choose how they spend their free time. Both productive and destructive habits that begin in the 7th grade are likely to continue into adulthood.

The YMCA of Indiana County wants to support and encourage kids to make smart decisions and form healthy habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle.

This special free membership is available to all 7th graders in Indiana County and to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders in the Indiana Area School District (IASD).

This membership demonstrates our commitment and philosophy for a well-rounded approach to the healthy development of the whole person.


  • Provide a safe and secure atmosphere
  • Promote YMCA Character Values: Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, and Teamwork
  • Expand Possibilities


  • Membership is valid until the student ages out of Junior High.
  • All members will have access throughout the building at the designated times for teen activities.
  • Members will receive the member rate on classes, programs, summer camp, and Mack Park Pool.
  • All members must do a fitness center orientation within the first week of signing up, once complete, they will have access to the cardio equipment in the fitness center. To use the Matrix lifting equipment a middle schooler will need to take a Fitness Center Strength Certification for $30. Please schedule either the orientation or the certification at the Welcome Center. Free weights are not available without adult supervision.
  • To remain an active member, students must participate by attending at least 3 activities through the course of each month. You can find a list of our programs by clicking here!


Step 1:

Parent/guardian and the student must read the program handbook and sign acknowledging all rules and code of conduct.

Program Handbook

Step 2:

The parent/guardian and the student must watch the video provided by the program director and the student must complete the exam.

Click here for a video

Step 3:

Provide signed acknowledgment, hand-written student exam, proof of grade (student card, transcript, report card, etc) to the program director.

Step 4:

If not currently a member, a parent/guardian can then complete our membership application and schedule an appointment with the Welcome Center to activate membership.  Student will need to be present. If a current member, please stop by the Welcome Center to verify account information.

Membership Application

For more information, please stop by the Welcome Center or call 724-463-9622.