Why the Y!

The Y is a charitable organization dedicated to strengthening our community. With a focus on developing the potential of kids, improving individual health and well-being, and giving back to and supporting our neighbors, your participation in our Y will bring about meaningful change not just within yourself, but in your community, too.

The Y is a cause like no other. That’s why when you join the Y, you join a community organization that offers health, hope and opportunity. Be a member of something special.

Financial assistance is offered to individuals and families who cannot afford membership.


How to Join in 5 Easy Steps

  • Complete the Membership Application (PDF)
  • Bring your completed application, your photo ID, and your bank draft information into the Y.
  • Pay the join fee, plus your first month’s dues, which will be pro-rated based on the day you join.
  • You may set up your automatic draft to occur monthly or annually (annual drafts are non-refundable)
  • Have your photo taken and a key tag issued.
  • Schedule a Fitness Center Orientation and ActiveQuest Assessment.
  • Start working out, making friends, and becoming involved.

Membership Types and Prices



Individuals aged 3-18 who have not graduated high school

Monthly: $20.00
Joiner Fee: $0

College Student

Individuals 18-24 years of age attending school full time, proof of full time status required

Monthly: $37.00
Joiner Fee: $75.00

Young Adult

Individuals 18 – 29 years of age not a full-time student

Monthly: $42.50
Joiner Fee: $75.00


Individuals 30-64 years of age

Monthly: $47.50
Joiner Fee: $75.00

Single Parent

Single parent with legally dependent child or children (ages 24 and under) in the same household as shown on taxes

Monthly: $65.75
Joiner Fee: $99.00


Two adults (with the same address on PA driver’s license) and legally dependent children (ages 24 and under) in the same household as shown on taxes

Monthly: $73.50
Joiner Fee: $99.00

Senior Individual

Individuals no less than 65 years old

Monthly: $37.00
Joiner Fee: $75.00

Senior Family

Two adults (with the same address on PA driver’s license) where at least one adult is 65 years or over

Monthly: $55.50
Joiner Fee: $99.00

SilverSneakers®- SilverSneakers is a free fitness program for seniors that is helping millions of people on Medicare defy the odds, shatter stereotypes and face every challenge with, “I can do this!”.

SilverSneakers includes unlimited access to the YMCA of Indiana County. That means access to weights, treadmills, pools, in addition to other amenities. We also offer fitness classes for all abilities led by our certified instructors both on land and in the water. The gym is yours. The amenities are yours. The classes are yours. Now go get ’em!

Stop by the Welcome Center today to see if you qualify. You can also visit www.silversneakers.com

Silver&Fit®- Silver&Fit is designed specifically to help older adults achieve better health through regular exercise and health education. Silver&Fit provides eligible members with no cost or low-cost fitness memberships and older adult oriented group exercise classes, through arrangements with certain health plans.

Silver&Fit is provided by American Specialty Healthy Fitness, Inc., a subsidiary of American Specialty Health Incorporated.

If your health plan offers Silver&Fit and you would like more information about classes, please stop by the Welcome Center. You may also visit www.silverandfit.com

Renew Active®- The gold standard in Medicare fitness programs for body and mind. It includes: A free gym membership. Staying active is not only good for your body, it’s also good for your mind. Renew Active® is a fitness program designed for both, with the goal of helping Medicare members reach fitness goals and stimulate their brains.

The program is available with select UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plans to find out if you qualify stop by the welcome center today or visit www.uhcrenewactive.com


For information on our military membership program please click here