What’s a LITTLE?

LITTLES in the Big Hearts Little Hands Mentoring program are children all throughout Indiana County, ranging in ages 5-17 years old.


What can I do as a Little?

There’s lots to do to keep our Littles engaged and active.

1.LITTLES receive a FREE membership to the YMCA of Indiana County, to use with their mentors and to keep active.

2. LITTLES can attend any YMCA program at no cost to the family. It’s on us!

3. Monthly programs and activities are offered for all LITTLES, such as field trips, picnics, and educational programs, just to name a few!


How do I become a “little”?

1.Parent/Guardian complete a little enrollment application

Review of application, guidelines, requirements and rules for BHLH

2. Meet for a family interview/match assessment.

3. Once a mentor is selected, child and family meet with mentor

Schedule to meet at the YMCA for initial match meeting, rules and guide.

BHLH Interest Form (PDF)