Summer Youth Café (previously summer food program)

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Birthday Parties

Parties that are held during normal operating hours (11 – 7 M-F and 12 – 6 Saturday & Sunday) are as follows:

Outdoor pool party packages include 2 hours inside the Mack Park Pool area on picnic tables(plus 30 minutes set-up and 30 minutes tear down) and all day swimming for 25 guests (basic package). We are in the process of constructing a pavilion but don’t have a set date when it will be done.

BASIC PACKAGE (up to 25 guests)
$175/members or $225/nonmembers

Guests 26-50
$250/members or $300/nonmembers

We can offer additional time at the picnic tables/in the pavilion at $50.00 for 2 hours or $75 for the whole day.

Private pool parties are $200/hr plus $2.00/p. and occur after hours.

Either party option requires adults and everyone attending has had a waiver of liability signed by a parent or legal guardian.  Adults will need to show photo i.d.

All children under 10 yrs. old that cannot pass the deep-water swim test must be accompanied by an adult in the water (1 adult per 3 children up to age 10; 1 adult per 5 children over age 10) or they will be required to sit out.  Deepwater test: jump in deep and swim ½ length of pool front crawl, tread water for 20 seconds and swim on the back for ½ length of the pool.  The lifeguard/pool manager can administer the deep-water test to any child that needs it once everyone has arrived and the party is set to begin.  Anyone with a red band (under 46 inches tall and cannot pass the deep water test) needs to have an adult in the water with them within arm’s reach.

You are welcome to arrive 30-minutes early to set up for your rental and you can bring in your own food.

If you have less than 25 children you can do a separate pavilion rental and be eligible for a discounted day pass rate for Mack Pool.  The pavilion rental is $75.00 for 2 hrs. Please contact Barb Thornton for more information.


Neon Nights

Friday Nights from 8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

  • 2022 dates TBD

Early Bird Tickets:

Night of  Tickets (after 6 p.m.):