The YMCA of Indiana County and IUP’s Exercise Science program have collaborated to create a team competition event for all residents as part of the 2021 Indiana County Decathlon.

Students (Tim Kleckner, Kori Keffer, Alysa Trudniak, Emily Leonard, and Kendall Jones with Dr. Leslie Stenger; advisor) of the IUP Exercise Science program designed an obstacle course to assure that any team can participate with the necessary tools and supplies in their home. Daniel Roan, Director of Health & Wellness at the YMCA of Indiana County assisted with the creation of the course and is the contact for the event. Teams can consist of 2- 5 people and each station requires two people to complete. There are ten stations; each focused on either a primary or secondary fitness component to provide a good workout.

How to Enter

To enter the Fittest QuarenTeam Challenge, download the guidelines and instructions here. Gather the items and set them up for the obstacle course then take a video of your team completing the course.  Email your team’s video to the week of April 24-30th to be entered for a special prize. Please include the names and ages of all competitors.  The team with the best time wins a Mack Park Family Pool Pass.  For more information, please call the YMCA at 724-463-9622.