Chocolate And Walnut Covered Banana Bites

What You’ll Need: Dark chocolate chips or a bar, coconut oil, walnuts, bananas

These frozen chocolate-covered banana bites are perfect to keep in the freezer for easy snacking during a hot day or even a couple of hours after dinner. Slice bananas into 1-inch sections. Microwave chocolate and coconut oil (it helps to thin the chocolate out) together until it becomes liquid. Chop up walnuts and layout on a plate. Skewer your bananas with a toothpick, and set up your workflow: dunk bananas into the chocolate, let drip as much as possible, then roll in the walnuts. Lay on a sheet of parchment paper. Once you’ve done all of them, toss a sheet in the freezer until they firm up. Once all the individual bananas are frozen, you can store them in a single bag.