Good morning!

My name is Daniel Roan, and I am back for my second blog of the week. I am here today to share some knowledge with you in the world of fitness. Thanks for coming along with me on my journey! Since taking this position, I have been asked a lot of fitness-related questions. I’ve started this blog to help answer those questions and to help everyone find more information on fitness.

Today’s post is about helpful tips pertaining to exercise and dietary needs. Please check it out!

  • Eating past 8 pm, especially things of high caloric intake (desserts, high fatty snacks, foods saturated in oils, etc.) can lead to weight gain. The reasoning behind this is because it is often called “mindless” eating. Mindless eating can refer to just snacking when you really are not hungry, or when you are bored. Our body wants to shut down around the 8 pm threshold and if we put these types of food into our bodies, we can gain weight rapidly.
  • Exercises that increase the heart rate, but do not have the intensity or strain on the joints like jogging or running could, such as an incline walk on a treadmill can be just as good for someone who has joint pain or arthritis. It is a lower intensity, but the incline suggests that we are enduring the muscles for longer periods of time rather than a flat treadmill walk.
  • Sometimes working out with a friend or family member can be all of the motivation you need! Working out alone can get boring and lonely. Often you find that you don’t have the motivation to complete the workout or go as far or as long as you may originally want to. Bring a friend to the workout with you and get the most out of it!

Remember to check back at these blogs weekly to find out some more fitness tips and other topics that we will continue to discuss. If you want to discuss a specific topic or want to dive into a topic deeper, please reach out to me via email at Thank you!