Hello baseball players, families, and fans!

Here are some skills and drills, a few games, and some trivia you can do while we are still abiding by the rules and staying quarantined. Have fun and let us know what your favorite part was or how you modified things to better suit your needs!

Base runner

This is a game we used to play as kids. It’s an awesome game to not only pass time but also work on throwing, running, and time reaction. Materials you need: at least three players, two areas designated as bases 10-15 feet apart, a baseball or other ball to be thrown, and a good attitude!

  • Directions- Players designate two areas as their bases. I suggest bases being no more than 10-15 feet apart as you want to be able to make the throw! two players are on the bases as the catchers while one or more players are the runners. Catchers throw the ball back and forth while the runners try to make it to the base before the catcher catches the ball and touches the base or tags the runner. If a runner makes it to the base before getting tagged or the base is tagged, then they are safe. If a runner gets tagged or the base is tagged before the runner gets there, then the runner takes the place of that catcher.
  • Bases can be anything from two lawn chairs spread out, to two landmarks on the property.
  • Distance depends on the catchers ability to throw and catch the ball.
  • The goal of the game is to be a catcher, not a runner!

Monkey in the Middle

This is an old time game that everyone knows and loves! Have fun and see how long you can be a catcher instead of a monkey in the middle! Materials needed: at least three people, a ball suitable for throwing such as a baseball or football, and a good attitude.

  • Directions: One player stands in the middle One player stands in the middle while the two others throw the ball back and forth to each other. Middle player tries to intercept the ball.
  • Variations: Don’t use a ball. Use bean bags, a hand towel, a slipper, or some other easy to catch object!

Baseball Trivia Quiz

Click the link to test our your knowledge on baseball! Ten Questions each of varying in major league, minor league, basic baseball knowledge and two for our very own Miracle League.


Paula Lieb
Director of Sports
I’m Paula Lieb, Director of Sports at the YMCA of Indiana County. I started at the YMCA as a child, playing sports, being on swim team, a camper in our summer camp, and volunteering. After graduating from IUP with my Master of Education in Health and Physical Education: K-12 teacher certification, it was only natural that the YMCA become a part of my life again. My job helps me grow in many ways including coaching youth and adaptive sports, overseeing adult sports, and allows me to use my various certifications to teach all the things I love including lifeguarding, CPR/First Aid/AED, and swim lessons. Serving my community is my passion, and the Y let’s me do just that. I hope to see you all soon so we can have some fun and play some sports!