Hello Married Couples,

During this time of quarantine we wanted to send out some encouraging words to all of our married couples. This time has definitely been crazy for us as we just introduced another daughter (Olivia) into this world as soon as we were ordered to stay home to prevent any spread of this virus. While home with 2 children, both under 3 year, we found some things that have helped us and we hope they help you too.

  1.  Your spouse is not your enemy

It’s very easy to lash out at your spouse because of being in the home all day; children, depending on their age, are going crazy in the house; you’re nervous of what the world is presenting through the news daily; your normal day to day life is temporarily cancelled;  finances may be stressful and so much more. We have to be mindful in knowing that both of you are fighting this together in making the current situation an enjoyable situation. My daughter, Natalie,  reminded me that sometimes we need to take a deep breath and count to four…..well, she got that from Daniel the tiger but it is still true. Take a deep breath, apologize and remember we are working together.

  1. Rekindle the joy

Jasmine and I work opposite schedules, she’s night shift and I’m day shift and with that, we never have any moments to talk without it seeming like a shift report to what our child has done before we leave. Now that we are both home, we have the chance to pray together, talk together, laugh at funny jokes together and even watch each other’s favorite shows together (even if it pains you on the inside lol). We have to remember as a married couple that we have to continue to work and maintain a healthy and spiritual relationship. Something that we would encourage you to do is go on small weekly dates. If you have children who can stay home alone then go out for a drive together, go for a walk or even go to your favorite drive-thru and eat some food in your car. If you have younger children, like we do, then wait until they take a nap or go to bed and watch a movie together or play a game together. One day our children will be out of the house and it’ll be just us so why not continue to practice healthy marriages.

  1. Have fun, make memories

Yes, this time may suck for some people who enjoy social interaction (Jasmine), but take this time to create positive and enjoyable memories for your relationship and with your family. One thing that we are able to do that we haven’t done in a while is have family dinner. Make the most of every moment like this and make it worth every second. Learn the latest tiktok videos with your children, have family game nights and, as much as this may be hard, learn the school work that your children are learning and work as a team. Just remember although this time is not ideal for some of us, it’s necessary for all of us.

Can’t wait to see everyone soon. Stay safe and continue to grow together.

Bryant and Jasmine