Build Your Own HIIT Routine By Sarah King
Choose 3 exercises from Upper Body and Lower body, 2 Exercises from Core and Seven Exercises from Cardio. Mix and Match Exercises so that cardio exercises follow strength exercises. Do each exercise 1 minute before moving on to the next move—-rest then repeat routine up to 3 time for complete body HIIT!

Upper Body( Choose 3)
Push ups
Bicep Curls
Tricep Dips
Upright Standing Row Kettlebell Renegades Kettlebell sumo high pulls Lateral Raises
Shoulder Press
Overhead Tricep Extension Reverse Fly

Lower Body ( Choose 3)
Plie Squat to calf raise Reverse Lunges Walking Lunges Kettlebell Swings Deadlift
Pulsing Squat
Side Lying Leg Raises Donkey Kicks
Curtsy lunges to side leg lift

Core (choose 2)
Plank Side Plank
Reverse Crunch Russian Twist V-ups
Bicycle Crunches Supermans Spidermans
Frog Crunches

Cardio (Choose 7)
Mountain Climbers Jumping Jacks High knees
Speed Skaters Tuck Jumps
Heinsman Diamond Jumps High knee Jumps Straight Arm Jack