Annual Report

You can hardly count the number of reasons people give for coming to the Y. Parents tell us they want their children to be safe and learn values. Kids tell us they want to have fun and get better at playing a sports activity. Adults tell us they want to lose weight and get stronger.

But you know what? That is the great thing about the Y. We are so much more than you think. Because what we really do is help people in our community accomplish the thing that is most important to them at that moment. YMCA programs and activities are the tools we use to nurture the development and potential of all kids, to create positive and supportive environments that energize people to develop habits that lead to healthy living and to challenge people to take responsibility for themselves, for their neighbors and for their community in order to inspire their sense of empowerment and social responsibility.

The spirit of the YMCA is so vibrant because every day, everywhere, in everything we do, we put Christian values into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all. Come join in the fun and we can help you achieve the thing most important to you.